Water Minimization Project for Aslanlı International Textile Factory

In this project, it is aimed to reduce the amount of water used in the production activities of Aslanlı Tekstil Kırklareli Plant, which is producing bleached cotton, by using clean production technologies. In this context, production processes were examined in the plant, analysis studies were carried out in the wastewaters resulting from the processes, and the process profile and contamination profile was established. Recycling and recycling alternatives of wastewater were determined and alternatives were compared in terms of water saving and investment costs. The layout plan of the facility was prepared considering the treatment required for the reuse of water.

At the end of the project, the amount of water used in the production processes of Aslanlı Tekstil Kırklareli Plant will be reduced by 38% with the realization of recycling and reuse alternatives. It is projected that the return on investment amount required to ensure water saving will be provided within 1 month.