Company Profile

io Environmental Solutions Research and Development Co. was established in 2004 to pioneer the research and development with the aim of producing smart environmental solutions located within ARI Techno city - the science park in Istanbul Technical University - with immediate access to the vast resources of one of the most prominent universities in Turkey. We are an independent consultancy company which provides tailored engineering solutions in environmental services. With its recent acceleration in 2017 io Environmental Solutions has launched its new liaison office in Ankara.
Our expert teams exploit the extensive knowledge and multidisciplinary experience, provides services in many different disciplines that include environmental, civil, geology, hydrogeology, geomatics, meteorological, agriculture, chemical, mechanical, industrial and electrical engineers, biologists, chemists, sociologists and economists.
io Environmental Solutions is an independent and reliable research and environmental consultancy company that finds complete and rational solution alternatives by providing interdisciplinary coordination and provides the knowledge, experience and infrastructure resources provided by Istanbul Technical University, Middle East Technical University and many other universities.

Our Vision

Next quarter of the century, we are going to be the most preferred and recognized R&D, engineering and consultancy company in areas of interest and engineering.

​Our Mission

We work hard for the purpose of the transfering of opportunities of the planet to the living from generation to generation and work hard to increase welfare of the population by meeting their needs and wishes.

Our Values

Universality: We always guide universal scientific information,innovative approach and continuous development. 

Customer focus: We focus on the solution that we offer to our customers with all our strenght and we aim to add value and satisfy.

Loyalty : We loyal to our work and our teammates with responsibility in all circumstances.   

Sustainabilty: We recognize the life resources that our planet offer us and we work uncompromisingly to transfer this opportunities to next generations.

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