Seyhan, Ceyhan And Asi Basin Drougment Management Plan Project Preparation

To reduce the negative effects of drought to production resources and socio-economic life, to ensure the rational and sustainable use of limited water resources in the basin; Turkey's energy and is important in terms of agricultural production and adversely affected by climate change predicted to Seyhan, Ceyhan and Asi Basin:

  • Meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought conditions, Standard Precipitation Index (SPI), Standard Flow Index (SRI), Palmer Index (PDSI, scPDSI), Percentage of Normal Index (PNI), Plant Status Index (VCI) and so on. to be determined by indexes,
  • Analysis of sectoral (drinking-use, agriculture, energy, industry, tourism, etc.) vulnerability studies based on changes in basin surface water and groundwater budget due to possible drought,
  • To reduce or prevent the effects of drought and water scarcity accordingly; the measures to be taken before, during and after the drought, and the measures to be taken on the basis of the sectors,
  • Preparation of Drought Management Plan works are planning to done.