Environmental Due Diligence Consultancy for Power Plants

Main purpose of the project is creating an added value to the public power plants that will be privatized, through minimizing environmental risks of those investments. The project consists of the environmental due diligence of the existing 52 power plants, which provide 36% of Turkey’s installed capacity.
In this context, environmental impacts of 34 hydroelectric and 18 thermal power plants are studied, the measures to be taken for compliance with national and EU environmental regulations are investigated and the current and future environmental investment needs of the power plants are identified. Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), Best Available Techniques (BAT) applications in power plants (especially according to Reference Document on BAT for Large Combustion Plants), performance of these applications, greenhouse gas emission quantities and emission reduction potentials are being assessed. Operational performance improvement options are also presented based on BAT Reference Documents to minimize water consumption, to reduce air pollution, to improve air quality, so that to maximize energy efficiency. The prepared plant reports will be used as information documents for investors, to envisage plants’ current and future investment and operational needs for environmental issues.
  • Evaluation national and EU environmental regulations related with hydroelectric and thermal power plants
  • Preparation of general evaluation report
  • On site survey and sampling &analysis
  • Assessment of operation and investigation of current operational values (such as emission concentrations, air quality values, waste management and wastewater treatment)
  • Assessment of fish way need and hydrological analysis in terms of the natural life in Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Calculation of GHG emissions based on operation reports, according to IPCC guidelines. Modelling of GHG emission reduction options to improve air quality and energy efficiency.
  • Preparation of 45 power plant environmental due diligence report