Implementation Projects Of Water Utilities in 7 Regions in Nakhchivan

The project scope covers all elements of water supply system from water source to customer tap and from waste water collection to discharge point that compromises with water intake structures (catchment and artesian wells), tap water storage tanks, all water distribution pipelines, water treatment plants, wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment plants in Sadaraq, Sharur, Julfa, Ordubad, Kengeli, Shahbuz and Babek regions in Nakhichevan. The project also includes consultancy services for construction period.

  • Developing of concept design for scope with all facilities and utility features.
  • Selection of the best treatment alternatives for implementation design of WWTPs and WTPs in 7 regions in Nakhichevan
  • Detailed Design of wastewater and water treatment system
    • Detailed Design of 785 km sewage
    • Detailed Design of x7 Wastewater Treatment Plants including Pump Stations.
    • Detailed Design of water distribution and wastewater collection systems
    • Detailed Design of 902 km potable water network,
    • Detailed Design of x7 Drinking Water Treatment Plant,
    • Detailed Design of x13 drinking water reservoirs.