Küçük Menderes and Gediz Basin Water Allocation Plans

Determination of water resources in basin and sub-basin scale in Küçük Menderes and Gediz Basins, determination of water needs of each sector for the current situation and future, preparation of water allocation plans and action plans in order to meet the water needs of every sector in a fair manner.​

  • General information about the basin, population analysis, physical characteristics, socio-economic characteristics, climate characteristics, hydrogeology, water potential, water uses, water quality studies
  • Drought analysis, drinking and potable water sector, environmental flow, agriculture sector, industrial sector, energy sector, fisheries and aquaculture, other sectors (tourism, mining, etc.), future years projections of these sectors, economic analysis, evaluation and prioritization of sectors
  • Water allocation modelling, determination of optimum water conditions, creation of allocation scenarios
  • Allocation Action Plans
  • Allocation Maps