Hydraulic & Hydrologic Study and Drainage Design of Ethiopia- Awash – Weldia Railway Project

Project, Awash - Weldiya Railway Project designated as phase 2, in between KM= 270+000–400+000 route includes determination of apertures and bridges, hydraulically projecting and the assessment of flood risk thereby doing  hydraulic and hydrologic studies.


Type of services provided:

  • Population projection of Project area and determination of wastewater flow
  • Preparation of preproject of wastewater sewerage network and collectors to serve as basis for implementation Project
  • Determination of best available area for 14 pumping station and determination of best available routing for discharge line
  • Determination of alternatives initial investment cost, convenience of construction, operation, repairs and maintanance duration of design phase of wastewater collection system.
  • Preparation of scouting report in order to use study on tender and loan demand for wastewater sewerage