Determination and Modelling Of Reference Point for Water Quality Monitorıng of Kartalkaya Dam Reservoir Basin

The aim of the Project is to protect water resources within the boundaries of Kartalkaya Dam Reservoir, to assess characterization of river basin and dam reservoir with scientific works, to redefine protecting areas.

Within the scope of this Project, social, economic, physical, geologic, hydro geologic, hydro morphologic, ecologic and chemical properties of the Kartalkaya Dam Reservoir Basin have been identified in order to improvement and protect of water quality. The quality of groundwater and surface water have been determined by the help of mathematical modelling. The pollutant map of reservoir basin have been assessed. Protection suggestions and precautions have been improved. In conclusion, a Protection Plan will be created specific to Kartalkaya Dam Reservoir Basin.

Type and scope of services provided

  • Identification of River Basin General Characteristic
  • Determination of River Basin Problems
  • Determination of Pollution Source that Affecting on Water Quality
  • Determination of Water Quality
  • Determination of Current Pollutant Map
  • Assessment and Suggestions
  • Determination of Precautions
  • Creating of Protection Plan