Preparation of Feasibility Report, EIA Report, Technical Specifications and Their Relative Attachments for The Construction of Ordu WWTP

Specifically, Ordu WWTP Project was one of the “hot spots” identified by DABLAS Task Force. Proposed project of Ordu Wastewater Treatment Plant serves to an approximate population of 300,000 for the year 2045.

The project was planned in two stages for 2025 and 2045. The specific objective of the project was to prepare feasibility study, master plan, environmental impact assessment, EU IPA application form, technical specifications, design report including conceptual design, schedule of prices and estimated cost of the works which allow to take necessary measures to meet the quality standards of EU in the field of wastewater sector by Ordu Municipality, in line with Pre-accession Financial Aid procedure in the context of IPA and Turkish standards. . The project was the first EU approved IPA WWTP project in Turkey. Tender documents of all works mentioned have been prepared according to FIDIC Yellow and Red Book and appropriate to rules of PRAG.

In accordance with IPA and Turkish standards:

  • Master plan for water and wastewater
  • Feasibility study for construction of Ordu WWTP including financial and economical analysis and cost-benefit analysis
  • Conceptual design of a WWTP serving for a population of approximately 250,000 P.E.
  • Institutional and financial assessment of the City of Ordu Water Works (financial and operational performance review)
  • Financial audit of the City of Ordu
  • Socioeconomic evaluation focusing on affordability
  • Environmental impact assessment 
  • Preparation of ToR for supervision of the works at implementation stage