Preparation of Kars Wastewater ve Rainwater Channel IPA Red Book Tender Documents and Contracts

The project covers the preparation and revision of the feasibility study for the wastewater treatment plant, sewage and stormwater lines. The project also includes preparation of the IPA Application form and tender documents. With the implementation of Kars Wastewater Treatment Plant, it will serve to an approximate population of 140,000 for the year 2043.

The implementation of the project is planned in two stages for 2028 and 2043. The specific objective of the project is to select the most feasible alternative for wastewater management in Kars which will secure the construction of the wastewater treatment plant and sewage stormwater project pursuant to EU standards with the funding supplied according to EU IPA, Pre-accession Financial Aid procedure

Types of services provided:

  • Evaluation of technical solution alternatives for WWTP
  • Revision of wastewater and stormwater collection system design
  • Revision of conceptual design of a WWTP serving for a population of 93,000 P.E (at first stage)
  • Revision of sewage-stormwater project implementation phases
  • Revision of the feasibility report for the WWTP including financial and economical analysis and cost-benefit analysis
  • Preparation of the IPA application form
  • Revision of ToR for supervision of the works at implementation stage
  • Revision of technical specifications for the works