Dilovasi Wastewater Treatment Plant Consultancy Services

Throughout this project, a feasibility study including detailed designs has been carried out for sewerage and WWTP.

A financial model based on the main principles of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model was developed for the special cases of OIZs, in accordance with the legislation of OIZs. Cost analysis and financial model evaluations have also been carried out for the wastewater treatment plant.

Total Flow:   20,000 m3/d 
Parameters: COD 4,250 kg/d, BOD 1,650 kg/d

Types of services provided

  • Industrial survey study for determining water use and wastewater generation of each individual industry
  • Population, flow rates and pollution load projections for the urban area
  • Pollution load projections for industrial zone
  • Conceptual design of WWTP
  • Financial analysis of capital and operating costs
  • Preparation of tender documents 
  • Technical assistance to district administration during tender period