Preparation of Sludge Management Master Plan of İzmir

The main objective of project is to prepare a sludge management strategy that would be environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and able to adapt to changing requirements and conditions over the next 35 years (up to 2050).

Within the scope of Sludge Management Master Plan, all disposal and recycling options (landfilling, incineration, land, the use of compost, refuse derived fuel) of treatment sludges were examined. Pre-disposal assessments of sludge, in order to be disposed appropriately to legislations, have been made for the selected sludge management plan.

Master Plan Study includes following work packages: assessing Waste Water Treatment Plants of Administration, population projections, literature research, wastewater and sludge projections for future, regulation assessment, risk assessment, Sludge Management Model, preparing updating methodology of Master Plan.  Sludge Management Model will include all the disposal and recovery options (landfill, incineration, usage in soil, composting, refuse derived fuel) for the sludges which come from WWTP’s in İzmir, integrating to the logistics analysis.

  • Assessing Waste Water Treatment Plants of İZSU
  • Population projections
  • Wastewater and sludge projections
  • Regulation assessment
  • Determination of Sludge Management Alternatives and the best Sludge Management Model
  • Risk Action Plan
  • Preparing updating methodology of Master Plan 
  • Logistics and Economic analysis