Preparation of Feasibility Reports for Wastewater Facilities in Various Basins of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Within the context of this project, detailed feasibility studies are carried out for different wastewater treatment plants in various basins of Istanbul. Reports prepared during the feasibility studies mainly focus on the definition and the scope of the project, location and specific properties of the wastewater collection basin, wastewater treatment plant site selection, environmental impact pre-assessment, physical, geographical, economic, social, environmental properties, conceptual design and selection of the best technical solution alternative, estimation of the investment costs and financial analysis of the project.

In addition to the technical solutions, financial resources for the project are analysed in detail, institutional profile and capacity are evaluated, and project management system and implementation plans are prepared.

Capacities of the WWTPs:
➢           Ambarlı WWTP: 1,000,000 m3/day,
➢           Yenikapı WWTP: 1,350,000 m3/day,
➢           Kadıköy WWTP: 1,000,000 m3/day,
➢           Büyükçekmece WWTP: 396,500 m3/day,
➢           Silivri WWTP: 98,500 m3/day,
➢           Çanta WWTP: 156,250 m3/day,
➢           Baltalimanı WWTP: 533,000 m3/day,
➢           Kilyos WWTP: 30,000 m3/day,
➢           Paşabahçe WWTP: 300,000 m3/day.

Types of services provided:

  • Evaluation of project catchment area in terms of physical, geographical, economic and social properties and their environmental assessment
  • Evaluation of site selection alternatives
  • Presentation of the legal framework including national and international environmental legislation, and regional and sectorial policies and strategies
  • Evaluation of wastewater treatment alternatives
  • Selection of the best treatment alternative and its conceptual design
  • Calculation of capital investment and operating costs of the project in accordance with the conceptual design
  • Detailed financial analysis
  • Preparation of the project implementation plan
  • Presentation of the results and proposals in a report