Mauritania - Nouadhibou Fisheries Free Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant Feasibility Report Preparation Project

The overall aim of the project is to prepare a Pre Feasibility Stduy for IFC, the Client and Nouadhibou Free Zone (NFZ), the beneficiary which IFC can use to move the Fisheries cluster WWTP. Project forward to a comprehensive Feasibility Study and take a decision on the prospective financing.

More specifically, the objective of this project is to identify fisheries cluster originated wastewater composition (physical, chemical and biological parameters), anticipate the wastewater flowrate, mass-loading factors and other related elements by factoring in expansion and arrival of new tenants to the cluster and filtering the findings to propose the most appropriate process selection for the treatment.

Conceptual design alternatives for the WWTP tailored for the NFZ Fisheries Cluster will be generated including an affordability analysis, with the best available alternatives considered, among others, including the preliminary project concept design.

A cover note about Public Investment Program (PIP) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) window with a Value for Money and PPP options annexes will be prepared by PPP Experts. In addition to this, the Terms of Reference about environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) will be prepared compliant to World Bank and IFC standards.

These documents have been prepared:

  • Data collection
  • Evaluation and selection of Design Mass-Loadings
  • Process selection and conceptual design
  • Affodability Analysis
  • Preparation of cover note for the WWTP investment Project including Public Private Partnership (PPP) window with a Value for Money
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference for the Environmental and Social Impact Assesment (ESIA)