Conservation Plan and Determination of Special Provision of Kurtboğazı, Eğrekkaya and Akyar Dam

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to conserve Kurtboğazı-Eğrekkaya and Akyar Reservoirs and their basins to ensure sustainable usage of them. Also, for the determinations of special provisions for those reservoirs and their basins, remediation of quality and quantity of water is planned as well.

These documents have been prepared:

  • Determination of general characteristics of Project Basin
  • Identification of pollutant sources which affect water quality
  • Carrying out of monitoring process of groundwaters and surface waters
  • Identification of socio-economic structure of the basin
  • Determination of water quality and modelling
  • Preparation of basin conservation plan and its alternatives
  • Identification of basin shelter belts
  • Determination of special provisions for Kurtboğazı-Eğrekkaya and Akyar Reservoirs and their basins.