Maritsa-Ergene Basin Industrial Wastewater Management Master Plan Study

The aim of the project is to improve water quality of Maritsa-Ergene Basin through defining wastewater management for industries located in the basin.

Within the project, current situation of Ergene Rivers was analysed according to characteristics of receiving environment. Quality criteria required for planned future beneficial uses and strategies for discharge standards were identified. Existing legislations were reviewed in the scope of planning principles and the target availability was evaluated. Quality improvement level of Ergene River was analysed according to decreased discharge limits. Treatment strategies were identified. Watershed-based management integrated with a defined organizational structure and strategies for monitoring and control system were determined. Alternatives for funding have been developed.

  • Current situation analysis
  • Identifying strategies for new discharge standards
  • Identifying strategies and necessary treatment technologies to achieve new discharge standards
  • Defining legal arrangement and institutional structure
  • Identifying strategies for monitoring and audit system 
  • Identifying alternatives for funding