Preparation of Master Plan for Drinking Water in Burdur

In the project, the existing drinking water sources and drinking water sources will be determined in towns of Burdur. The population and drinking water requirements will be estimated for year 2055 and the alternative drinking water sources will be determined for year 2055. Master Plan Report, Concept  Designs, Bill of Quantities and Technical Specifications, will be prepared.

Preperation of drinking water master plan for 13 towns and the Burdur city in the district of Burdur for the year 2055 including;

  • Estimation of population,
  • Evaluation of existing water sources and structures,
  • Determination of water requirements,
  • Determination of inadequacies,
  • Design of water transmission lines  (Water Intake Structure, Transmission Line, Pumping Station, Water Storage Tank, Water Treatment Plant),
  • Examinationf of water quality,
  • Pollution potential and environmental impacts assesment,
  • Estimation of cost and unit water cost,
  • Topographical studies,
  • Soil investigations,
  • Geophysical resistivity investigations,
  • Water analysis