Climate Change Impacts On Water Resources Project

The aim of the Project is to determine the impact of climate change on water resources in all basins and pave the way for taking long-term adaptation measures. A regional climate model which is the output of three global models selected from the archives of CMIP5 based on the 5th Evaluation Report of IPCC, is operated with RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios, for Turkey. The model outputs include 11 parameters like temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, water equivalent of snow etc. and 17 index which determine extreme conditions at the basins scale with 10x10 km resolution.

In this project, hydrologic modelling approach have been used to convert the precipitation to flow, hydraulic modelling approach have been provided the water levels of the principal river system long and of the side streams using the flow values. Water potential for the surface and groundwater have been estimated in the framework of the hydro-meteorological changes with the impact of climate change. Regional population growth trend and large investment plans recognized specific to the basin have been taken into consideration.

Within the scope of the project, adaptation activities like rain water harvesting, water pricing, closed irrigation systems etc., have been developed regarding all basins, for the mitigation of the negative impacts of climate change on water resources.

Climate Water Database, which brings all the information generated data in this project and geographical information system together, have been created. All project outputs can be queried by both registered and public users.

  • Preparation of climate change projections between the years of 2015-2100 for Turkey
  • Running modeling studies for water budget in all basins
  • Determination of groundwater budget and the change in surface water levels for all basins
  • Improving methodology for Turkey to analyze the effects of climate change on main sectors; drinking water, agriculture, industry, ecosystem, tourism and energy
  • Evaluating the impact of water on main sectors considering the status after climate projections in 3 basins
  • Creating a web-based Climate Water Database